Video Calling

Introducing Video Calling the first of its kind service in Zimbabwe


What You Need To Know

In order to use this service you must...

  • Have a handset that has the video calling feature and a secondary camera. The called Telecel subscriber must have a handset with the video calling feature and a secondary camera as well
  • Handset must allow for a 3G connection
  • Video calls can only be made from Telecel to Telecel
  • 3G connection must be available to enable routing of video call
  • Service does not consume data
  • Charge is US$0.30/minute billed at 15 Second billing pulse for US$0.0075
  • If video call fails, subscriber is given the option to make a voice call
  • Video calling is a feature that is available on most phones with Android or Symbian OS.
NB:Video calling feature might not be available on some phones with a secondary camera. iPhone makes use of Facetime to make video calls to other apple devices and consumes data.


Terms And Conditions
  1. Video calling is a service that allows a subscribers to see a visual of the person they are talking to
  2. Video calling is available to all Telecel go subscribers.
  3. Subscribers must have a video calling enabled smartphone.
  4. Subscribers must be in a 3G network coverage area to access the service.
  5. A subscriber will know if they are in a 3G network coverage area by a 3G signal on their phone.
  6. The service is available for Telecel to Telecel calls only.
  7. Video calls cost 30 cents per minute and the rate is subject to reviews as approved by the regulator