Press Satement 13-03-15

Telecel Press Statement

Telecel Zimbabwe has taken the government’s recent announcement on its licensing and shareholding non-compliance, very seriously. Our shareholders are engaging with relevant stakeholders and are working closely and tirelessly with all key authorities to find a lasting solution to the issue.

We remain fully committed to Zimbabwe and to working with the government in order to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements within the agreed time frame. Telecel Zimbabwe takes very seriously its legal, financial, operational and social responsibilities.

Telecel serves over 2 million customers in Zimbabwe and is a fully paid-up abiding tax contributor. We have invested an estimated $237 million into the country’s mobile infrastructure since inception in 1998. Currently, we employ over 1,000 permanent and contract employees.

In addition, Telecel contributes $700,000 annually through its on-going CSR program, which is aimed at making a difference in the lives of various Zimbabwean communities. We have been, and remain, supportive to the continued development of the country, including ensuring the universal access to mobile communications services by all people at affordable prices.

Telecel would like to thank our valued customers, business partners, stakeholders, employees and the Zimbabwean public in general for their continued support.

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